Gifts Vs. Grants

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations​ has the expertise necessary to guide you through the proper channels to ensure your award is used properly and efficiently. We'll do all the heavy lifting to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Funding awards from corporations and foundations are delivered to Mason in two ways:

Sponsored Programs: Agreements that set certain conditions are considered to be under sponsorship and are managed through the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Federal funding almost invariably comes in the form of a sponsored program — either as a grant, a cooperative agreement, or a contract. Facilities and administrative or indirect costs usually apply to these awards. These situations include agreements in which:

  • ​Mason must meet certain contractual obligations.
  • The funding organization has a project oversight role.
  • Specific research results must be met.
  • Certain goals must be reached.

Gifts and Grants: Funds that benefit general purposes or capital projects and other ongoing activities, as well as funds supporting student and faculty excellence through scholarships and chairs, are considered philanthropic awards. They might be referred to unofficially as grants, but technically, they are gifts. The George Mason University Foundation often accepts and manages such awards, which normally are charged a small administrative fee (currently, 6%).

Criteria defining the status of an award, which determines whether it will be managed by OSP or the Foundation, are governed by University Policy 4008,  "Private Sector and Foundation Funding to George Mason University and the George Mason University Foundation."